Monday, August 29, 2005

Homicides and now car shootings...Is Columbia as safe as I think it is?

As I was reading the 'Police investigate car shooting' article in The Missourian, I instantly thought, wow, Campbell must not have had a lot of information on this event and that s/he also made the article read as if the police turned themselves in for the shooting! But after all of that, I remembered something our foreign exchange student, MJ, had said to me the other day about her safety here in Columbia. MJ, a 19 year-old gal from Australia, said she couldn't believe what she had heard about this wonderful city in Missouri, "First I heard about all of those killings, then people keep telling me that I should go out on campus after dark. Well, what else am I supposed to do here? I can't just hide in my room every night ." I think she's right. I, of course, made sure she knew of the buddy system: NEVER GO ALONE! Which I'm not even sure if that is enough any longer. I came down here without knowing about all of the homeless people that roam around downtown, without knowing about major crimes that have been committed on campus, and being naive about bad things happening to people on campus. Since I've been here a couple people have committed suicide, more than a few people have been murdered, and now there is a car shooting to boot. I've always been one of those people who thinks that bad things can never happen to me, nothing like that could happen to this girl. Well bad things have happened and could happen again. You can never really know but I definitely don't hide from the outside. Life is all about taking risks, right? My risk is staying in this town, my reward is getting the best education I can in order to be a good journalist (and we'll see if that happens!).