Wednesday, October 19, 2005

It's a little problem called Sok withdrawal.

First, I would like to say shame on the city or whoever hires regional airport managers! Kathryn Sok's withdrawal from the position, however, is a nice plug for The Missourian research! At least I know someone at Lee Hills Hall is keepin' it straight (secretly I pray that it was a student and not some prof/previous journalist that made the discovery)!
Second, I would like to critique how the article was written. This article seems as if it should be a hard news piece. The way Markway wrote it, there was more of an opinionated feel to it.
The lede, "[T]he woman chosen to become Columbia Regional Airport’s new manager will no longer fill that position" could have included her name instead of 'the woman', the day that she was officially hired, and then when she decided when to decline the position.
I don't know whether I heard this in J21 or somewhere else but I didn't think that statements like "Beck remained puzzled about how such a slip happened" were appropriate in a news story. The question of how the writer know that he remained puzzled before understanding that there will be a quotation soon to follow. If we, as reporters were unable to use such statements, how do transitions and introductions to quotations happen? Maybe I'm just rambling on about something stupid that no one cares about...who knows?
All I know is that I thought that Markway could have done a little better job at making this the newsworthy story that it is.


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