Friday, October 14, 2005

Ride the bus (not the drinking game, the Columbia Transit!)

Well I was going to write my blog on how I thought that the article 'More people ride city buses' had some issues with organization. It does, but as I began blogging I noticed who the reporter was. It's Brodie! If it's the same Brodie I'm thinking of, I know that he's from Scotland. I met him at the beginning of the semester when I went out to lunch with all of the international journalism students. He was super nice and very quiet. I'm sure he's just learning out the whole journalism thing works and hasn't had j2100 so...I'll let it slide. I thought that the lede was good. If I were to re-write the story, however, I would have put Lee Radtke higher in the story and ended with, 'An adult monthly pass for an unlimited number of rides costs $20 dollars; the discounted rate for students, seniors and people with certified disabilities is $10.' But that's just me.


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