Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Working around the wall

I tip my hat to you Mr. Colin Reed. I believe that the article 'Working around the wall' is a great article. It begins with an anecdotal lede that tells the story of how this Side by Side Israeli and Palestinian film landed in the city of Columbia. Reed includes a lot of information regarding the specific instances that lead Iman Labadia to bring this event here. She is right in saying 'Americans in general are ill-informed about the Middle East, thus increasing the need to view events in the region from as many different perspectives as possible.' I believe that a lot of people, including myself, are very uneducated when it comes to other people. I know people that don't even like talking to foreigners because they can't understand them and don't want to deal with attempting to translate.
I also thought that Reed's inclusion of the Rabbi's wishes to not show the film was an important part of the article. It shows the opposing viewpoint about what is actually being talked about here. This being inserted almost shows you how separated they are from each other. Each group fighting against the other for more time, better coverage, and better understanding, while neither of them are working together to make that happen.
I wish I better understood people myself. I sometimes wish that I were not American, in hopes that I could better communicate with the world. I feel like my upbringing with English has set me back from the rest of the world. I want to be one of those people who knows how to speak eight languages fluently. That would be amazing!
I'm actually going to cover this event tonight, my story will end up being like an event coverage or update story now I suppose. I'm really looking forward to tonight. I hope that a lot of people from our community go.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Crum-y situation

Yes, I realize in a time like this it's horrible to make puns from people's names. The 21-year-old, Christopher Crum, who died in the car accident would definitely not think that my little joke was funny. It's not really. I hate hearing about these types of accidents though. I never know how to feel. I hate them because they were putting their own lives at stake, along with others. However, I feel sorry for them because they are no longer living.
I also feel sorry for the friend, Jim Holmes. He is made to look like an ass here. He says all these nice things about when they were kids; then says that Crum had to send his girlfriend over to read his tag! If they had been such good friends, you'd think that he'd be able to recognize him after a few years!
Though this anecdotal insert is nice and almost comforting, I don't think that it's right in this story. It's kinda like the profile article I wrote earlier this semester, two stories in one. The beginning is this hard news story about Crum's death and then the end is this anecdotal story about how 'best bud' Jim Holmes is handling the situation. That's just my opinion, and we all know that I'm no pro!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Effects of drinking and driving

Sunday was not a good day for drivers to be out on the road. What I want to know is why people are drinking on a Sunday. There was the accident on Old 63 and then the one on Broadway. Both of them leading to death. Drinking and driving kills! THAT'S WHY IT'S ILLEGAL PEOPLE!!! And if this Martha Miller had any sense, she would not have had her nieces in the vehicle when she had been drinking! What an idiot. She deserves to be put in jail. What was she doing with the girls at 1:20 a.m. anyway? I think there are a lot of missing pieces here. This is such an interesting story with much more to offer than this journalist covered. The people involved could have been described more in depth. It just gave their ages. I want to know if these people went to my school, what the mom and dad of the two little girls were thinking, what Miller had been doing earlier that night, what precisely led to the accident, and all of that! I must admit that this story had much more than what was covered over the accident on Old 63. I really want to know what happened there! Maybe we'll get more info after a few days. We'll see!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Blunt vs. BC

I must admit, I am very impressed by Kathryn Buschman's article in today's Missourian. Unlike the 'Embodying Health' article I bashed earlier this week, this article has all the necessary items to make it great. The title lets the reader know what the issue at hand is all about, Buschman has perfect sources that give all of the necessary information, and she ties it together very nicely.
The issue really sucks though, and so does Blunt's thinking that having the morning after pill is not protecting the rights of unborn babies. They're not even babies in the belly yet. The BC won't even hurt them. Or so I think, and I'm no doctor that's for sure! I have a really hard time with the line, "Jessica Robinson, Blunt spokeswoman, said the governor has a moral obligation to protect the lives of unborn children." That ain't right! Another thing that isn't right is pharmacies not filling the perscription! That's horrible! It's not illegal! I totally agree with that being an infringment on patients rights. Maybe it's just me, but I think that the world has too many babies already! We don't need to have more unwanted ones runnin around...especially because they're UNWANTED!! No one likes being the unwanted one!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A walk on the winter side

Now, is 'A walk on the wintery side' just a filler or could it really be considtered an article? Can you write about what's going on in the weather and how the seasons are changing? It isn't like we can't feel it! I know that it's getting colder...and if someone didn't know that it was cold out, I would be a little worried about them. I realize that it has been warm within the last month, but it's moving into December now. The temperatures are obviously going to drop. I'm just not sure what to consider this little blurb-is it a blurb or an article? I just don't know.
And if the person who wrote the title is trying to be clever and make it seem like 'a walk on the wild side,' my title would be better! hehe

Monday, November 14, 2005

Health and body education is fun, this article should be too

I'm going to apologize to Tricia Herries right now and advise her not to read on. It could get brutal.
The article that Herries wrote in today's Missourian, 'Embodying Health' was wrong from top to bottom. From the title to the last word, it lacked the proper focus that it needed. Instead of talking about what the Body Walk is (I don't think she even mentioned that the Body Walk was the name of the tour, we're just left to assume that. I don't think that news readers should be left to assume anything because what if you assume wrong?!), what the tour is like, and all that good stuff.
She has really good sources within the article; they have really good things to say. However, Herries isn't allowing the sources to stick out. I was too distracted by the way the article was put together.
I won't lie, I felt as if I were in the movie 'Dude, Where's My Car' when they go through the drive through...and then, and then, and then. NO AND THEN!!! First they start with the brain, and then the mouth, and then the bones. There has to be a better way! Find it-Learn it-Use it!
Tricia, I'm sorry for bashing your work sister...better luck next time!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A trusting author

The title "Author trusted Redford with novel" leads the reader to believe that this author trusted Robert Redford, and he let her down. Like he had demolished what she had written or something. In fact, he took this woman's work and made it into an Oscar winner! Crazy Redford!
I also didn't really know what the point of this article was until the second to last graf. The anecdotal lede became the entire story, and that's not something that should happen. I would have introduced the author, what she had written, where she was speaking, and what she was speaking about. Yes, that's seems like a very boring way to do it, but it would be much more newsworthy written that way.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Talk show host

“He was a great guy, a good worker who showed up for work on time,” Boltz said. “Everybody loved him. We couldn’t have asked for a better employee."
How about asking for an employee that is not a murderer? Not only is this radio personality a murderer, but he killed his poor unknowing wife the SLOWEST WAY POSSIBLE!! How miserable would it be to be sick for five months?! Poor lady.
There are a few things that I am interested in knowing:
1. What the hell is a "Murder Mystery Dinner Party" and who would be weird enough to host one? (unless they're really fun then I want to have one toExceptcept if I did have one I'dafraidriad that I woinfluenceunce someone to become a murderer)
2. Why did the doctors not know what was happening to this woman? It seems pretty crazy to think that you could be poisoned and medical staff around the nation would be unable to save you!
3. Does this situation remind anyone else of 'The Sixth Sense,' because all I can seem to think about is watching that horrible video tape and a mini-Mischa slowly dying.
4. This is a murder story. Shouldn't there be more than 500 words? If they can't write more than 500 words for this story, I don't know how I'm going to be able to write 700 with an arts and entertainment beat story!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Grammy winner brings music to MU

First of all, does anyone really dream of becoming a Grammy Award-winner? and if you dream of becoming an award winner, does that make you egotistical? 'I dream that some day, I will win a Grammy!' Even if I did dream that, I wouldn't tell anyone that I did! I would much rather dream of making music that other people can relate to and enjoy. I would much rather dream about making an album that people will listen to and not think about me as a Grammy-winner but forget about me completely and focus on the music. MUSIC IS WHAT IT"S ALL ABOUT HERE PEOPLE! hehe ok enough of my ranting
The reporter gave a great anecdotal lede. It's how I would have tackled the entrance to the story as well.
I don't not, however, appriciate this quote:
“There are a lot more stories there than the 14th floor of the Hyatt Regency,” he said.
I stay at the this dude saying that I don't have a real life? I have a real life. I make my own fun and fantastic stories at the top of the Hyatt! People with money had to get their money somewhere! No one starts with everything, and if they do, they won't end up that way unless their parents support them through life-->which would be very unfortunate for them! Just because these people live in the 'pretty funky places' in town, doesn't make them any cooler than anyone else! Understandable that these 'funky places' have more crazy people, which is probably more entertaining. I wouldn't know- I'm a Hyatt girl.

Friday, November 04, 2005

New tenure rules for faculty members

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned reporter Rachel Riley before (I'd have to look through my archive! >wink, wink<), but she is my fellow Guadalajaran! She and I went to Mexico together for cross-culturual journalism and were the best of roomies. Our mama, Carmen, would treat me like a princess because I knew Spanish, and would her like a toad because she didn't! We also had a phone fiasco, but I won't get into that! I'll start talking about the article now instead! Some words and phrases I believe were put out of order like, "MU’s Faculty Council on Thursday."
What I don't understand is where this whole other idea came from: "In other business, the council voted unanimously to extend the time to change an incorrectly reported grade from a semester to a year, making it consistent with the policy of removing a “no grade” or an “incomplete.” I realize that this also happened at the meeting, but it doesn't have anything to do with breaching the gender gap. Is this standard for most council coverage?
I do agree, however, with this quote:
'“It’s unfair if they (women) are competing against males who are not primary caregivers,” Prather-Kinsey said.' AMEN, SISTER!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Higher Tax vs. Prettier Park

Because I was on the Parks and Recreation Board of Commissions for the city of Urbandale (that's right, I was hot shit!), this story took great interest to me. The whole issue of land vs. money is a great one and very appealing to community members. You'd be surprised about what people will say when the environment is involved!
Though it is very nice to get a personal insight to the story, I dont' think that it should be the lede in this particular article. I think that the issue of higher taxes is a little more important than where Mitzi likes to take her terrier (Everyone loves a terrier!-this is my plug for the movie BEST IN SHOW, hilarious).
I also believe that the location, for all of my fellow non-Missouri and myself, should be placed higher in the article. I don't know where this little lake thing is. I don't know where anything is in Columbia. Fill me in!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Columbia's so fresh and so clean, clean

Student reporter, Lindsay Jackson, tells the Missourian readers about the new volunteer city clean-up program in Columbia. Not only are they gonna get your streets clean, but they're gonna make sure you look good doing it!
"Nutter said the group plans to visit with key organizations that might be interested in the program, including Neighborhood Watch associations and groups that promote fitness and exercise."
What I am interested in knowing is how litter-patrol has any correlation to fitness and exercise. 'Doing a good deed, while your working out!' Think of the progress they'll make! HA!
This short article, however, does remind me of when I had my landlord picking up beer cans from my backyard after my birthday party. This thought always brings a smile to my face!