Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Crum-y situation

Yes, I realize in a time like this it's horrible to make puns from people's names. The 21-year-old, Christopher Crum, who died in the car accident would definitely not think that my little joke was funny. It's not really. I hate hearing about these types of accidents though. I never know how to feel. I hate them because they were putting their own lives at stake, along with others. However, I feel sorry for them because they are no longer living.
I also feel sorry for the friend, Jim Holmes. He is made to look like an ass here. He says all these nice things about when they were kids; then says that Crum had to send his girlfriend over to read his tag! If they had been such good friends, you'd think that he'd be able to recognize him after a few years!
Though this anecdotal insert is nice and almost comforting, I don't think that it's right in this story. It's kinda like the profile article I wrote earlier this semester, two stories in one. The beginning is this hard news story about Crum's death and then the end is this anecdotal story about how 'best bud' Jim Holmes is handling the situation. That's just my opinion, and we all know that I'm no pro!


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