Monday, November 07, 2005

Grammy winner brings music to MU

First of all, does anyone really dream of becoming a Grammy Award-winner? and if you dream of becoming an award winner, does that make you egotistical? 'I dream that some day, I will win a Grammy!' Even if I did dream that, I wouldn't tell anyone that I did! I would much rather dream of making music that other people can relate to and enjoy. I would much rather dream about making an album that people will listen to and not think about me as a Grammy-winner but forget about me completely and focus on the music. MUSIC IS WHAT IT"S ALL ABOUT HERE PEOPLE! hehe ok enough of my ranting
The reporter gave a great anecdotal lede. It's how I would have tackled the entrance to the story as well.
I don't not, however, appriciate this quote:
“There are a lot more stories there than the 14th floor of the Hyatt Regency,” he said.
I stay at the this dude saying that I don't have a real life? I have a real life. I make my own fun and fantastic stories at the top of the Hyatt! People with money had to get their money somewhere! No one starts with everything, and if they do, they won't end up that way unless their parents support them through life-->which would be very unfortunate for them! Just because these people live in the 'pretty funky places' in town, doesn't make them any cooler than anyone else! Understandable that these 'funky places' have more crazy people, which is probably more entertaining. I wouldn't know- I'm a Hyatt girl.


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