Thursday, November 03, 2005

Higher Tax vs. Prettier Park

Because I was on the Parks and Recreation Board of Commissions for the city of Urbandale (that's right, I was hot shit!), this story took great interest to me. The whole issue of land vs. money is a great one and very appealing to community members. You'd be surprised about what people will say when the environment is involved!
Though it is very nice to get a personal insight to the story, I dont' think that it should be the lede in this particular article. I think that the issue of higher taxes is a little more important than where Mitzi likes to take her terrier (Everyone loves a terrier!-this is my plug for the movie BEST IN SHOW, hilarious).
I also believe that the location, for all of my fellow non-Missouri and myself, should be placed higher in the article. I don't know where this little lake thing is. I don't know where anything is in Columbia. Fill me in!


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