Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The good ol' days of snow days

Oh how I miss elementary and high school, when the entire day was cancelled because a lot of snow is supposed to fall. I loved those days. However, that was in Iowa...where parents are smart enough, and motivated enough to get their lazy asses out of bed at 6 a.m. to see whether or not their children have school! Honestly, do parents here NOT know that it will be broadcasted? If that is the case, they probably should not continue to be parents. Adoption is the best option. I saw 'White Oleander' or whatever movie that was with Michele Phifer (she's so out of the high profile list that I don't even remember how to spell her name!) and foster care is NOT the way to go! Does the state even broadcast school closings? It wouldn't surprise me if it didn't. Missouri...geesh. I'm so glad that I get to go back to the good ol' state of Iowa here pretty soon. Snow or shine, I'm drivin my little butt back up to where the tall corn grows! AND I'M NOT COMING BACK!!!!


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